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No phone today

Bugger! I left my cell phone at home today. Call me on my work phone or send me email.

Neat! I got this email last night.

Hi. My name is Jennifer Brozek (really). Although Jennifer is a very common name, Brozek is not. Thus, when I Googled myself yesterday, I was not expecting to find any results. I was shocked when several pages about the author Jennifer Brozek came up, especially since I've often considered writing as a career. (Guess I'll need a nom de plume.) :-) Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line and say hello because I thought it was so weird that there are actually two people (at least) out there with the same name.
- Jen Brozek

I emailed her back to see if she has a brother named Scott because my twin's name is Scott. Believe or not, I met another Scott Brozek from Fairfield whose sister was named Jennifer. So, we know of two pairs of Scott and Jennifer Brozek siblings. This would make three and that would just be very freaky. Brozek is a pretty rare last name.

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