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The last gasps of the interview meme...

I'm trying to catch up on the questions that people have asked me from the Interview meme from a while back. I think I have just two more. Sorry about taking so long.

Questions from musae
1. What deity do you most identify with, whether archetypically or to worship, and why?
I do not worship a particular deity, really. I worship the Light or God or Mother Earth/Father Sky. So, God is just a term for that thing out there that I don't have any hope of understanding. However, archetypically, I most identify with "Momma Luna" or "Lady Moon." I often think of myself as a Daughter of the Moon. I have a tendency to identify with the Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone in the different phases of the Moon. I am not certain I can explain why other than, it feels right.

2. Domme, Sub, or Switch and why?
The short version: Switch.
The longer version: It might be better to call it Topping and Bottoming. Top to women. Bottom to men. That's just the way I am wired. I have a "first girl" personality. I want to be the second in command to a man and not to answer to a woman at all. I prefer topping women because of how they respond to me and my sensually sadistic nature. Plus, topping, while sensual, is not sexual for me. I prefer bottoming to men because I am more comfortable that way. I respond to the male authority. Plus, being hetero, bottoming can be a very sexual experience. Generally, to begin with, I prefer it not to be sexual. I am not comfortable with that. Once I am comfortable and feel I can trust my Top, then, and only then, do I think about submission on a mental/emotional level.

3. Pick a theme song for yourself (with lyrics, please-link or cut tag is fine) and tell me why it describes you.
Imaginary by Evanescence. As an author, my motto is "I live worlds inside my head." I love my imagination, my dreams and my stories. I love sharing them with others. They make up so much of who I am. Yes, sometimes, I use them to hide from the world but over all I believe who I am is who I imagine myself to be.

i linger in the doorway
of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name
let me stay
where the wind will whisper to me
where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story

in my field of paper flowers
and candy clouds of lullaby
i lie inside myself for hours
and watch my purple sky fly over me

don't say i'm out of touch
with this rampant chaos - your reality
i know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
the nightmare i built my own world to escape

in my field of paper flowers
and candy clouds of lullaby
i lie inside myself for hours
and watch my purple sky fly over me

swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
oh how i long for the deep sleep dreaming
the goddess of imaginary light

4. If you were to design a tattoo for *me*, what would it be and why?
As you represent Earth to me, as told by my dream, I would want something to represent that on you. I think it would be one of two things - A Celtic knot work of stone or wreath of Hawthorne around your right ankle. Something complex in design like you, but something to anchor you to this earth in response to your forthcoming angel wings.

5. Which 5 pieces of media have influenced your perspective, and why?
- One by Richard Bach. An interesting book about all of the possibilities one can make in life.
- The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. It is the series of books that opened my eyes to be magic of reading.
- Babylon 5, TV series. This show has both the most human of emotions and the most interesting of possibilities for a future in space. There were many ideas and thoughts introduced that I've spent time thinking about.
- Defending Your Life, Movie. This movie has made me look at how I live my life and deal with fear.
- Labyrinth, Movie. This movie isn't deep or anything like that. But it did teach me at a young age that girls can solve problems and David Bowie as Jareth is the sexiest man on the planet.

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