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I would like to state, for the record, that Ben [who needs his own LJ in the worst way] is one of the all time coolest people on the face of the planet. He read my last pathetic LJ entry and decided that it was a form of limited telepathy, sending out the Jenn's Bat Signal for help. So, he called me and we talked for over an hour. I had been indulging in some deliberately self destructive behavior (drinking), but, once we got on the phone, I switched to water. He really cheered me up. I very much appreciated his call. It touched me. I don't quiet remember what we talked about but I know I laughed a lot. Then, after I crawled into bed, I called Yony. Just cause. Again, I really don't remember what we talked about but, it was very soothing.

This morning, I don't have a hangover but I am a little delicate. Since I don't have the hangover, I think the universe decided I needed yet another lesson on Monday mornings. "Good morning. I'm Monday. I will be delivering you your butt reaming today. Would you like that with sand or lemon juice or a concoction of both? Both? Excellent choice if I do say so myself. Now then, let's begin..."

So far, I've had all kinds of fallout from my domain change that locked me out of my email for a while, had to re-update my OS and had an impossible bug dumped in my lap. Oh, yes. Three cans of soda froze and exploded in my little office frig over the weekend. So, I had to clean that up as well.

Despite all that, I am feeling much better today.

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