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Talking Book World

I finally stopped by Talking Book World to see what it was like. Very interesting. It's a place you can buy books on tape and CD or rent them like a DVD. Since I'm walking 3-5 times a week, I thought it would be interesting to have a book read to me instead of the same music over and over.

I've picked up a 3 month, unlimited book rental (one book at a time) with no due dates or late fees for $99. I figured I could decide if I liked such a membership within three months or if I would rather just come in and buy a new book when I wanted/needed a new one. (All of the Harry Potter books are out on tape and each book is something like 8 hours long.)

I really liked listening to the story today. This would be a perfect thing for that hour long drive to and from Alex and Johanna's that I do practically every weekend. Also, for the occasional times I have to commute to work by myself.

Time for me to find a plain, simple, no frills tape player for the car. Those things are darn near impossible to find these days. You know the ones I'm talking about - simple, clunky and black. All they do is play tapes and -don't- eat batteries like they are going out of style. Any hints on where I can get one would be much appreciated.

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