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I was inches from taking down my Ahem website as a 'cobweb' site until I received the following email today. It is was the first time a guy responded to this site.


I am new to the world of Gor and i was looking for info on the LARP group of Tuchucks (tuchux i suppose) when i discover a wonderful thing, your site. Your site is excellent in many way but one way it is superlative is your advice to meeting online people. I am meeting someone online in rl for the first tiem and i will make sure she reads that page . It was put succinctly and non-condesending. Also , I have other motives, maybe it can serve as a introduction to the whole slave thing!

I will use some of your advice as well, as for all the weights i lift, all the martial arts i have done are useless against a bullet.

Thanks again,

I was really surprised. I had forgotten about the website he referred to. I had to go look it up. It was a page on meeting people from online for the first time. I reread it and, while it does focus on meeting people for the first time in a BDSM context, the advice holds true for meeting any person for the first time from online. I still follow these precautions and do it automatically.

It was a cool rediscovery. I really need to go through my AHEM site, update and revamp it in the worse way. There are nuggets of gold among the crap.

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