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Good Things...

Good Thing: Riddle of the Wren. I'm only about 50 pages in and already I really like it. I love Celtic legend mysteries. De Lint is an excellent author.

Good Thing: I found my bardic CD, OwlFlight, again. I've had the CD for about two years and I've never managed to keep it at hand for more than a week at a time before I lose it again. This time, I've ripped it into MP3s so I can finally learn the songs. I'm not overly fond of Michael Longcor but I love Cecilia Eng.

Good Thing: TL isn't in yet. So, I haven't had to deal with that mess, yet. Also, the network is up and working again.

Good Thing: unkyrich has a new group: gm_hints_ideas. It's a good place for all of us GM-Types to exchange hints/tricks/ideas. I don't GM that often but I still find the advice of my favor GMs extremely valuable.

(Man, some of you are WAY too curious for your own good. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Do you notice that when you've been on a high protein, low carb diet for an extended period of time and you go off your diet for a carb binge that you suddenly have a -lot- more, ah, 'waste materials' to deal with for the next couple of days? Sometimes, explosively so?

I overdid it on Saturday and I'm still having, ah, some nasty problems right now. I'm wondering if it is just me or if it an odd side effect of bingeing.

(Now, aren't you glad you read anyway? :))

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