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The value of friends...

This is why I will miss my friends so very much.
Ben Liblit: Hey, you.

GaanEden: Hiya

Ben Liblit: I thought you'd be in a car pointed north by now.

GaanEden: Tomorrow morning. 9am

Ben Liblit: I'd ask if you're all set, but at this point it doesn't even matter, does it?

GaanEden: My car went away.

Ben Liblit: Shipped north? Or did it, like, run off in the middle of the night with a cute Neon?

GaanEden: Shipped north.

Ben Liblit: At your party on Sunday, I could tell at one point that you were having a small freak-out.

GaanEden: Just now.
GaanEden: :-) The part when I had to walk away?

Ben Liblit: I thought about reassuring you that you're good and smart and strong, and come what may, you'll land on your feet.
Ben Liblit: But then I thought, "Wait, this is Jenn."
Ben Liblit: You won't land on your feet, per se.

GaanEden: *chuckle*

Ben Liblit: You'll land sideways on your ankle, crash into a pole, and have a bruise that turns a different color every day for a week.
Ben Liblit: But then...
Ben Liblit: ...then you'll get up again.
Ben Liblit: And brush yourself off.
Ben Liblit: And think, "Ow, that smarts."
Ben Liblit: And get on with living.
Ben Liblit: You may stumble, when you get up to Seattle.
Ben Liblit: But in the end, you'll do just fine.

GaanEden: Thank you. You say the best things. It makes me feel like I really can do this.

Ben Liblit: Deciding where to go for grad school burned me out on the idea that there are "right" and "wrong" choices. You can never tell, in the end.
Ben Liblit: You make your best guess, and at the end of the day, it's still you, wherever you've gone.
Ben Liblit: You're you, and that will do quite nicely, thank you, in California or Washington or wherever.

GaanEden: You're making me all sniffly, you know. *hugs*

Ben Liblit: {hug}
Ben Liblit: S'OK. You were sniffly when I first met you, too. :-)

GaanEden: I was?

Ben Liblit: I was a guest star ("The Doctor") in Rich's vampire LARP.

GaanEden: Oh! Right. But, that was acting. This is real.

Ben Liblit: OK, well, there is that.
Ben Liblit: Anyway, must run.

GaanEden: *hugs* Thank you. I'll see you when I can.

Ben Liblit: You're you, and that's the best thing you've got packed for this move. Don't forget that. {hug}

I can do this. It's just going to suck along the way. It's nice that other people think so highly of me. It makes me strive to be as good as they believe me to be.

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