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Dispossessed and displaced...

There goes my car. The third one I have owned. I have not been without my own car since 1993. Sure, my car has had to go into the shop but I knew where it was and when I was getting it back. I was in control. Now, I'm feeling not in control. I've just handed over what has been my freedom of movement for a decade to a company I know little about who will be passing off my car to another company I know nothing about who will deliver my car within ten days. Hopefully. Also, hopefully, it will not be damaged in transit.

I am down to possessing one key... to a house I do not own... on a keychain for a garage I will never use again. No car keys. No apartment keys. No random I-don't-know-what-these-keys-are-for keys. Tonight, I will give back that last key in my possession. I am feeling down right dispossessed and displaced. Or, maybe, that's misplaced. I don't know. I just know that I'm suddenly feeling way out of control and I don't like that feeling. At all.

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