Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Close Encounter of the Spider Kind...

Despite the title, I am feeling much better.

We picked up mactavish and headed home. I was still fuming. Mary mentioned being hungry and deyo noted that there was a Carl's Jr in the immediate area. So, off we went for food. I decided, screw it and gave myself permission to go off my diet since I had had a total of 3 carbs all day.

Unfortunately, the fries sucked. So, I didn't eat them. Just the burger - which was delish and put me in a much better mood. (Which, btw was only 34 carbs, bringing my grand total to 37 carbs - under my 40 carb max for the day. Cool!)

During the ride home, Casey reached to the back for something and almost had a spider jump on him. Normally, I'm squeamish about spiders... but it was kill the spider or die while Casey flailed. So, one dead spider. I explained what happened to Casey, later - out of heavy traffic.

HOWEVER... that wasn't the only little bugger in the car. I know, because the next one jumped on my hand and startled me. *ew*ew*ew* Casey realized that it must have been the propane tank that he was taking in for exchange. This neccesitated an -immediate- trip to Orchard to rid ourselves of the tank.

While there, I looked over the back seat and myself for any more of the little brown jumpers and didn't find any... but Mary did. Right on the handle of my purse. Right where I would have grabbed it. *EW*EW*EW* Mary was the brave one and dealt with the little menace soundly.

So, now I'm home and off to read Riddle of the Wren and to hide from the world for a while. More for the world's safety than mine. I'm really still in a not-so-good-mercurial-threatening-to-explode mood.

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