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Not Panicking...

I am specifically not panicking over the fact that the movers called and asked (very, very nicely), that since my packing is so small (comparatively), if they could pack and load my apartment tomorrow all in one shot. I said yes. That it would be fine. It gives both them and me an extra day.

Lori, it looks like I will not be in at all tomorrow due to this. Please send out an email to the QA group. Oh, wait. I can do that from my MS account. Ok. Nevermind. Lori, I will not be in tomorrow.

M'ris, could you please call me around lunchtime-ish and we can figure out lunch stuff then.

Johanna/Alex, yes, we are still meeting for dinner at the pub. If that changes for any reason, I will let you know.

See? I am not panicking. I am planning. My computer is dismantled tomorrow. Thus, online communications will be spotty for a while, starting 7am tomorrow.

Oh, btw... it is only 847.7 miles from my new home to my most favoritest guy's new home. Not too shabby. 14.3 hours at normal speeds with most of it on I-5 (thus, not normal speeds).

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