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Dancing for Kali...

I had the most interesting dream this morning. It featured me, musae (Jeanne), shutt3rg33k (Meredith) and hypothermya (Kristie). The dream is called Dancing for Kali and I think Jeanne will have a definite interest in it. Over all, I can't think of a better set of females to have been chosen for this particular dream. I will try to get it up in Dreamlines... this weekend. In the meantime, here's...

Dancing for Kali
There were four of us, Jeanne, Meredith, me and Kristie, sitting in the living room, talking about the coming performance. Mostly, we were trying to decide what I would wear. With my 1920's haircut, everyone wanted me in a flapper dress. But, since we were belly dancing, it had to have the right fringe in the right place for it to all work. We came down to a silver dress of fine fabric and an actual metal chainmail flapper dress. I decided on the silver fabric one because it seemed more comfortable.

We moved the table in the living room and began belly dancing in a slow sensual style, the four of us in unison. The other three were wearing satin mid-thrift halter tops and matching loose pants in different colors. I stuck out but, it was not a bad thing. Then, I spun out of the circle and watched the others as they took a very ritualized pattern.

Jeanne, a redhead in blue, knelt on the floor snaking her arms fluidly. "I am Clothos. I choose the strand of life. I dance for Kali."

Meredith, a blond in black, crouched behind and slightly above Jeanne, snaking her arms in a waving pattern to Jeanne's movements. "I am Lachesis. I weave the strand of life. I dance for Kali."

Kristie, a brunette in dark green, stood behind Meredith, snaking her arms in that same fluid pattern as the other two. "I am Atrophos. I harvest the strand of life. I dance for Kali."

By now, I had become aware of some glowing in front of them, to my right. The three of them continued their arm dancing, seemingly oblivious to the energy built and the light growing. It was as if they were in a trance. I danced back in front of them and turned aggressively towards the light. Dancing fluidly, I saw that the light seemed to be a portal of swirling white and gray. Somehow, we opened it or, perhaps, it was already there, waiting for us. I intoned, "I am the blending of the Goddess, mind, body and soul. I dance for Kali!"

It was not said in an aggressive tone. More confident than challenging. By this time, Jeanne, Meredith and Kristie's eyes were glowing with a white light as they danced as a living mimic of the goddess Kali. Then, I threw a ball of energy at the portal. It flew from my sternum into the portal, causing the portal to disappear with a flash. I don't know if I was offering energy to it (or what was beyond) or if I was attacking it. I did not get the sense of being hostile. Just wary and confident.

Once the light faded away, the music stopped and the girls relaxed their poses. "That was good." Jeanne said.

Meredith nodded. "Yeah. It was. But, I think, Jenn should wear the mithril dress for the party. I think, somehow, that's more appropriate.

Kristie agreed. "I think it'll be needed."

I was still coming down from what had just happened. I wondered what would happen if the portal opened at the party. I couldn't let that happen. "You know guys, I think at the party, instead of stopping after the opening, we should immediately move on to the next dance. I think it would flow better."

They thought about it and nodded their agreement. "But, you'll have to take the lead, Jenn. I don't think I'm ready for it, yet." Jeanne told me.

"That's alright. It will come to you in time. I have /faith/ in you." There was a particular emphasis on the word faith and she caught it. She stepped to me and began to whisper.


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