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Too geeky for words...

I am such a geek. Cara, my assassin-turned-monster-hunter character in Monte's KULT game was killed last game. [Shot in the head by a teammate as a mercy killing rather than having her tortured and tormented by the Big Bad we were getting our asses kicked by.] A few weeks back, I had decided Cara, who also had a death wish, did a "dead man's drop" for her last will and testament. It included a video to the group and a series of short letters to various NPCs. I sent Monte the text of the letters and what was in the video tape last night. Today, he told me how each NPC responded. Reading the responses both surprised and saddened me. I got all sniffly as if Cara had been a real person instead of short term character. I guess, it was because the reactions Monte described to me were so... human. I don't know, maybe having a character dying is tapping into my own sadness at leaving for a new home in just over a week. Then again, maybe I'm just one big maudlin gamer geek. Damn. I'm going to miss that game.

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