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You know, unkyrich is both a good and bad influence on me. He's convinced me to join another LJ Role-playing group. Now, I'm in three and this last time, I have taken on a major role.

First, I play Amy Madison (amymadison) in sunnydaleosi. This is post mom stealing her body but pre-Rat Amy. This Buffyverse only loosely follows the TV show.

Second, I play Emily Grace (hiddengrace) in department13, Rich's Mage game. Emily is an Order of Hermes prodigy with big ideas, lots of book learning and little real world experience. All of which are coming back to bite her on the ass. Fortunately, she has Seth, a mentor and love. Too bad he's technically a demon. So far, the Order doesn't know about him.

Now, I have Professor Minerva McGonagall (squareglasses) in hogwartshigh, Rich's Harry Potter game. It has just started and needs characters. Feel free to check it out.

I'm glad Rich has got me into these games. They are a lot less structured and much easier to go little pick up scenes with people. It's also a way for me to keep role-player with my SF Bay area friends once I move to Seattle. I like that a lot.

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