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The purging has begun. I've finished the living room (except for the VHS and cassette tapes) and half of the dining room. I want to get through (at least) the dining room tonight while I pack for my trip. Even though I've been there for only 15 months, I have collected an amazing amount of crap. I've thrown out a lot more than I expected so far. I foresee much more from the dining room area, too.

Packing for the trip is going to be an exercise in space conservation and manipulation. I really don't want to check my bag. So, I need to be careful on how I pack for five days away. However, on the good side of things, I'm getting excited for house hunting and I'm going to be meeting up with julesong in the flesh, too! We're going to go out to dinner and drive around the East side at night to see what it is like.

On a random note, I've finally figured out what my nail polish reminds me of: foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs. It's an odd and neat color to be wearing.

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