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Warning. New Fraud - Best Buy

I got the following email today. It looked almost legitimate until I saw the request for "the corrrect information". Just to be sure, I called Best Buy's Fraud department. Apparently, this is a fake email from someone who sent out thousands of these out today and they have been flooded online and on the phone with queries.

I hope I do not need to repeat this and that this is not news to anyone: Do NOT send confidential or financial information in an email to an unconfirmed source.

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:48:37 -0400 (EST)
From: Gayla Anne []
Subject: BestBuy Order #1095619. Fraud Alert.
Dear customer,

Recently we have received an order made by using your personal credit card information.
This order was made online at our official BestBuy website on 06/17/2003. Our Fraud Department has some suspicions regarding this order and we need you to visit a special Fraud Department page at our web store where you can confirm or decline this transaction by providing us with the correct information.
This e-mail address has been taken from National Credit Bureau.

Click the link below to visit a special Fraud Department page to resolve the cause of the problem.

Item No: 73890
CDA-9815 In-Dash CD Player/Ai-Changer Controller
Price: $387.65 Qty: 2 Total: $775.3

The order listed above has not yet been processed.
The reason for the delay in processing your order is:


- Information provided:
Staten Island, NY 10306
United States
phone# 206-337-9843

In our effort to deter fraudulent transactions, we need your help in providing us with the correct information. Your prompt response is needed to avoid any unauthorized charges to your credit card.
Click the link below to visit a special Fraud Department page to resolve the cause of the problem.

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