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As promised - the most disturbing healing spell I've ever roleplayed in a game.

Background: The Café is one of those nexus points connected to this world but is "in-between" places. It is neutral ground for all types. Our less than normal group has taken to hanging out here. Cara is my character. Assassin turned monster hunter. She has no magic. She's a brick. She kills things with her hands and guns. A young T2 Linda Hamiliton. Simon is an NPC necromancer. He is uber creepy and super dangerous. He is helpful if it suits him. Dealing with him is like dealing with the devil.

Cara was hurt. A week old gun shot wound to the shoulder. She almost died from it. It sucked a lot and there is a mission she -must- do very soon. She needed to be healed. Originally, when she went to talk to Simon, it was simply to be social. She's like that. Blunt, social and often chewing on her own foot. Simon likes her 'refreshing bluntness' (she told him he was creepy) and they ended up talking with Doc about meditation techniques. That led to the concept of pain as a mind clearing focus. That led to Simon talking about cutting off his fingers and eating them to regrow them. That led to Simon offering to heal Cara if she would take a bite out of her arm and eat it.

Since Simon -never- does magic in public, the entire café was watching/listening. Since Cara is a big, tough wench with a death wish, she agreed but admitted she didn't think she could do it. So, Simon offered to extract the flesh for her to eat. Unwilling to back down, she agreed. Thus, to heal Cara, the following things happened:

- Simon walked behind her, looked at her wound and looked for a meaty part of her arm.
- He jabbed a thumb into her gunshot wound.
- As she screamed in pain, he took a large bite out of her upper arm.
- He then grabbed her by the throat, pulled her head back and spit the bite from her arm into her mouth.
- He held her throat and mouth until she was forced to swallow the flesh.
- While Cara writhed in pain, Simon calmly sat back down and watched.
- The flesh on Cara's arm and the gunshot wound regrew itself in a matter of seconds in a painful process.
- The whole café was stunned.
- She was fully healed, a bit sore and very hungry.
- They thanked each other and Simon mentioned that Cara was very tasty.

There you have it. Healing through self cannabalism. *shiver*ew*

And, for those who don't want to read distinctly creepy things... I like being girly but I hate the work that goes into it a lot of time. Finally, I've figured out a good compromise: Manicures. I've discovered I have a distinct cycle when it comes to my nails. My nails will grow, become a pretty length, will be that length for about 10 days, then I freak out at the length and cut them off. Then, it takes about 10-14 days to get them into nice shape again.

What I've been doing now, once I notice they are at that good length, is go get a manicure and have my nails painted a pretty color. Last time, it was wine red. This time, it is moonstone chrome. I love looking at my nails painted and, now that I am adult, I seem to be able to pull it off well. I'm not sure what changed. By the time I need to take the nail polish off, it's time to cut my nails short again.

It's a pretty cool compromise for a chick who likes to be girly but doesn't have the time (or want to spend the time) to get that way.

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