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Wow. Tonight really sucked for Dora in Revelations. It's getting down right depressing to play this character these days. Whoever told the GMs the game wasn't dark enough ought to be taken out and shot. One would think that getting to meet two honest-to-goodness angels would be heaven for my character. No. Instead, she discovered that 4 of the 7 End-of-the-World prophecies have come to pass instead of just 3 and oh, btw, we're doing a "piss poor job of stopping Armageddon." I'm sure there were all sorts of things my character should have asked but I couldn't think of a damn thing. My character isn't a leader type at all. So, I haven't been thinking in that way.

Friends are being killed and/or murdered, people want Dora to find (or 'see') the killer because she's a seer and she's supposed to be able see these things, and there is a demon on the loose that we can't figure out (or agree on) how to kill. Yay team! On top of it all, the evening got to end with Dora bursting into tears because one of her only real friends in the area is "giving up," leaving the area for who knows how long and she just didn't have the right words to say to them this time. Oh, and they almost frenzied on her while she was trying to bolster them. How's that for an evening?

Or, maybe the whole bloody evening was tinged by something someone said to me as an offhand comment that hit all my self-esteem buttons like a punch to the kidneys. I know (hope) they didn't mean to say something hurtful to me but what was said, and the way it was said, hurt a lot. I ended up thinking over it all the way home. Now, I'm really unhappy.

Bah. I need to go to bed and hope for a better mood tomorrow.

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