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My heart is breaking. One of my kittens, Pinky - the one who likes to hug my ankle, is at the vet's. There is something terribly wrong with him and we don't know what. I did my usual "count noses" check before going to dinner with Yony. I only counted three. I checked for the fourth and Pinky wasn't moving. His breath was shallow and he flipped out whenever I picked him up. My right hand is hamburger now.

The vet, Central Veterinary clinic, is awesome. When Yony and I hurried in, they asked, "Is this an emergency?" and wasted no time when I said "Yes." Now, Pinky is staying over night. They don't know what's wrong. The blood tests haven't come back. Since there is no sign of immediate physical injury, it is either toxic or neurological (fall on the head from a height). If it is toxic, my other babies are in danger and need to be transferred away from me immediately since I can't find anything toxic Pinky could have gotten into. If it's neurological, the kitten will have to be put down.

I don't know what to hope for. I don't want Pinky put down but neither do I want my other kittens in danger. I won't know the answer until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

There is a terrible symmetry to this. A kitten from my first batch had to be put down. I am praying that one from my last batch doesn't have to be.

I'm so very tired and so very sad.

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