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I am simultaneous quite proud of myself and completely creeped out. I just finished making the "Danforth" tarot deck for Monte's KULT game. He wanted a hardcopy prop of the deck for the game. So, I volunteered to do it. It's all text (which may make it worse due to my overactive imagination) and formatted onto 3x4 inch name badges. I even printed it out with a designed pattern on the back of the card.

Monte created the deck based on the Kabalah and the Rider-Waite tarot deck, then gave it that extra bit of creepiness that is KULT. It has the normal 22 card Major Arcana but five 14 card Minor Arcana suites: Eyes, Crescents, Torches, Roses and Razor Blades. 92 cards in all. Now that I'm actually reading them, I am noting a couple of my own minor formatting flaws. They aren't too bad and add to the 'uniqueness' of the deck. Also, I'm noting just how creepy Monte can get.

Damn, I'm proud of this little twisted creation between Monte and I. I wish I could laminate these cards so they would be more sturdy.

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