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Slightly Askew

Happiness is... having your beloved blowing you a kiss from his car as the two of you head to work...

I had my worldview slightly shifted today from a most unexpected source. One of my QA co-workers, who is mostly IT based (sets up and maintains the lab) that I rarely speak to on a personal level, told me about his future plans involving work and his finacee. He told me, [paraphrased] "My finacee is not moving up with me. She just started her own business. I'll be returning in October to get married, but then, she will stay here and I'll be up there. We're going to do that for a couple of years because neither of us wants to give up our professional lives... Nor do we want to give up each other. If you want it to work, you will find a way. It's just that simple. Besides, for the first few months after you move up to Seattle, you're going to be too busy setting up your life to really spend time with anyone. Why uproot one life in order have them be jobless and still not see you very much? This way, we have a future to look forward to together. Eventually, I'll be able to transfer back down here or her business will be stable enough for her to move up to Seattle with me."

It was a really interesting perspective to me. One that is strangely soothing.

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