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For the record...

I know a lot of you have been asking when Hans and I are leaving. As of the morning of Saturday, July 19th, Hans and I will be getting into his car and driving north to Seattle. Also, no later than June 19th, Pretty Sue and her kittens will be returned to Furry Friends Rescue for the rest of their fostering. This is because I will be on a house hunting trip in Seattle from Jun 21st to Jun 23rd.

Sagittarius by Brezsny...
In the generic science fiction movie on cable TV last night, the hero's spacecraft happened upon the interplanetary equivalent of a junkyard. Aging shuttle pods and out-of-commission satellites floated around a decrepit space station. Soon a salesman appeared on the ship's view screen, trying to convince the hero to browse through his extensive collection of valuables, gathered from over a hundred different planets. "Take a look," the huckster chirped brightly. "You may find something you never knew you wanted!" Those words or something similar will be coming your way from the entire universe this week, Sagittarius.

Who knows. Maybe I will want that townhouse after all....

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