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Fantasy Lives...

I have to admit I'm really missing Marrach right now. It's not been quite two weeks since I left Marrach as a player and a storyplotter due to extreme burn out. I know I can't go back now. Not now. Not until August 1st at the earliest. But, after 18 months of playing the same characters; each of them an aspect of me (Elea, Edanya) ... I'm missing them terribly.

Yet, at the same time... I am reveling in all my free time (when I'm not being bored/lost). I have been reading, cleaning, visiting and writing more. All good things. Not to mention the fact that my productivity at work has gone way up in my effort to keep my mind off of my (now lost) fantasy world.

Fortunately, Bill, my favorite psychic twin, has kept me entertained with a pseudo solo adventure set in the 7th Seas universe. He is hampered by not having the books yet and is only able to go off the website for now. My character, Cathena, is slow revealing herself to me. After a week of Play-By-Mail (PBM), I've discovered that she is Castillian, lives on former prison isle of Bucca and her brother had something to do with Bucca's freedom, creating the Pirate Nation - the Brotherhood of the Coast.

(No, he is not Allende... but, someone close to him I decided. Also, seeing as how Cathena is only 17, I am still working out in my head why she would have been sent to Bucca at 12. I'm thinking it has something to do with the whole family being accused/found guilty of treason. We'll see how Cathena tells the story. That's what she's doing now.)

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