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For Marrach Players who read this...

For those of you who play Marrach, I just wanted to let you know this. My subscription runs out as of Aug or September. I'm not sure when. I do know I have removed my credit card from the site and I will not be renewing my membership in Skotos. I have already deleted Elea and Edanya. I will be deleting Sara as of tomorrow. I am not going to say good-bye on the Skotos forums because 90% of the people in Castle Marrach now would not know who I am or who I played.

I've tried to come back a couple of times but I have determined that, like high school and college, you just can't go back. It is not the same. I have tried to pass on my characters to others but I never received information back on whether or not it was possible. So, I remove them from the game. I have moved on to other things in my life (primarily moving and my writing) and they are my priority now. However, I just wanted you all to know that I will remember you. If it had not been for Castle Marrach, the Hucked Tankard Tales would not exist and I would not be published with them.

For each character, there is no special good-bye nor farewell plot. They simply walked into their rooms and have not been seen since. If you want to be romantic, Elea has join Doren in his dreaming. Edanya is ever seeking, and occasionally finding, Sansamor in her thoughts. Sara holds Honeycat in her arms and dreams of her glade in the Mirror of Horn and Ivory.

Perhaps, in time, when the seasons have changed again, I will return to Skotos in some fashion or another. Until then, I wish you all well.

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