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Territorial Bitch?

So... it's 1am on Sunday morning and I'm wide awake. Most likely because I just out of my Ethyria game with unkyrich and I've been drinking soda for most of the evening. Not exactly a smart thing to do. The soda drinking thing, not the gaming with Rich thing.

I had decided that I was being a jealous alpha female with territorial issues in the game until tonight. After tonight, I've decided that I just cannot stand one of the new female players in the game. The first one, J, the one I like, is smart, sassy, easy to talk to and likeable. The other one, M, to put it nicely, is not. She opens her mouth and I cringe inside. She seems like an OK person but, to me, she is a horrible gamer. In fact, when I look at her, I see the worst parts of who I could have become if I had not gotten my social act together. She's loud, stubborn and annoying to me. Most of the time she is talking in or about game, I'm thinking "Shut up. Shut up! Dear Gods Above and Below, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, you obnoxious twit!"

I hate to be such an inner bitch about this woman but it feels like she's invading one of my favorite games and not adding any value to it for our trouble. Plus, she has a really bad habit of talking over the GM about non-game stuff. It's damn distracting and irritating, not to mention really disrespectful to the GM and the other players.

Otherwise, I had a good game. I like the GM and the rest of the players a lot.

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