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Good Sameritan and a Hungry Bear

I started walking out to my car this morning to get to work early and I was stopped by one of my neighbors, a pretty Indian woman. She was holding her arm awkwardly and her four year old daughter was solemnly clutching her leg. "Hello. I am terribly sorry to bother you, but I seem to have broken my arm and I cannot reach my family. Would you please help me?"

Holy Toledo. Of course, I will! I drove Pria and her daughter, Meka(?) to the hospital emergency room. Since she was not in a life threatening condition, she had to wait. I've never seen a more obdient and solemn child. This is the same little girl I always see laughing and riding her tricycle. After 30 minutes, I left them there, ran home and emailed work that I would be working at home today.

Good thing, too. They gave Prya some vicodin. She was worried for her daughter. Not being able to stay awake to watch her. I gave her my phone number and promised to check on them every hour. I just got back from my first check and Prya's husband was on his way home. He had been in a meeting all morning. I'll probably check on her one more time - just to be sure.

I think I earned my good Sameritan badge for the day.

In another interesting note, apparently a young bear has shown up in my parents neighbor's yard and he really likes birdseed. What a surreal thing to witness first thing in the morning.

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