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Well now. Momma cat is determined to move her babies into my bedroom. Fine. I can't stop her. I've moved the barrier between the vanity area and my bedroom. I'll get used to the chorus of mews and meows and squeaks at night - eventually. However, it does mean I'm going to have to look before I get out of bed in the morning. Squished kitten would not make a good morning. That reminds me... I really need to trim claws on everyone in a major way.

What sign should my lover be?

scorpio lover

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As a very sexual person yourself, you crave Scorpio's intense sexuality. No doubt that your Scorpio will make the fire inside you burn! For Scorpio, "passionate" is an understatement - the desire can be smothering. Your Scorpio sees sex as sex, and love as love. And if it's sexual, chances are your Scorpio is into it ... no matter how kinky. Which is perfect for you, seeing as how you almost always want sex. And if you think you are going to get your way with your Scorpio, think again! Scorpio's want their way both in and out of the bedroom. Luckily, your Scorpio is just passionate enough to give you exactly what you want.

What Sign Should Your Lover Be?

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[My last two long term lovers have been Scorpios. Btw, the quiz site is NOT work safe as I discovered.]

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