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So far, so good

Friday: Good, if short, Revelations LARP at BayCon that I can't really say anything about because I was playing an NPC and now know some secrets. Fortunately, none of them will really affect my character. So, I can happily forget it all. Still. I had a good time.

However, walking down Castro street with my guy, all dressed up, for ice cream was pretty awesome, too.

Saturday was KublaCon to play not one, but two, Buffy games with unkyrich. In the first game, I was Peggy, a combination witch gal/zeppo gal in the form of the little sister of the main witch. I was also a budding witch. In the second game, I was the slayer. MAN, that was keen. I got to do this really sweet move of bounding up a cave wall then leaping to a dragon's head and stabbing it through the brain. If it had not had drama points, I would have killed it in that one shot.

But, the best part of the game was just how evil Rich was. It was four years later and he made us reopen a sealed hellmouth so we could rescue Peggy - yes, the same Peggy I played - from hell where we accidently trapped her five months before in order to seal the hellmouth. Half of the group had died then. But, the emotional agony of knowing you trapped the soul of a 17 year old girl in hell accidently and having to decide if reopening the hellmouth and possibly putting everyone in danger again was right/worth it was really fun to role play.

Today, kitten visitation hours and fun with friends.

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