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Dreams and more good vibes!

This just in! From zunger, "Defense went well. :) Now off to the interview..." Yay! More good vibes to him for the interview!!

Since it looks like most people are interested in dreams behind LJ cuts, Here are two dreams. One is from last month. I forgot to code and post it after I wrote it up. I will continue to post these in Dreamlines...

The Gangster's Face - Yony and I end up in a fire fight that results in me seeing the lead gangster's face. This marks me for death but Yony has an idea.

Virtual Brutality - This is what I get from watching both Matrix Reloaded and Red Dragon within the same week. I and a group of people are forced into a virtual game where there can be only one survivor. Three of us set out on our own to find the way out and end up completing the first level of the game in a most brutal and bloody fashion. I can't remember the last time I had a dream that was this gorey and visceral.

The Gangster's Face
I dreamt that Yony and I were walking through a park, just enjoying each other's company. The sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. Suddenly, a gun fight broke out around us. We both hit the ground and I pulled out my weapon. I think it was a Colt .45. It was bigger than I liked. A black car screamed up in front of us. The doors opened up and men started firing on us and the cops around us. I fired back. In one bullet time slow motion scene, as a hail of bullets flew around us, I looked up into the face of the leader gangster. We stared at each other for what seemed like a long time. Neither of us could figure out why we were shooting at each other. Then, we both realized that I had seen his face and he couldn't let me live now.

The slow motion moment was broken by Yony grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the fire fight. We ran for a long time. Gasping and panting, I told him I had seen the gangster's face. "I know. Now, you have a death warrant on your head." "What am I gonna do? We weren't even supposed to be in that fight." "I don't know. I'll think of something." He lead me into a warehouse like barn.

That 'something' turned out to be a showdown meeting with the gangster in an abandoned warehouse. I'm not sure were Yony got the firepower, but he had at least twenty men with weapons. I was to stay hidden in the loft while he spoke to the gangster's man. The warehouse's sliding door rolled up and the black car drove in. Next to it walked about twenty mook gangsters with weapons. The car stopped in the middle of the room and the guards took up places opposite Yony's men. It looked like the beginning of a weird standoff. The car window rolled down slightly and Yony boldly walked up to it to speak to whomever was inside. I closed my eyes to pray for his safety.


Virtual Brutality
There were about ten of us in the warehouse. It looked like it was a set up for a laser tag game. Only, all of us knew differently. This was a game for keeps. Suddenly, the world shifted and we knew they had turned the game on. It was a virtual reality game where there could be only one survivor and none of us were there by choice. Six women. Four men. Immediately, one of the men took charge and started ordering us around. We were happy to obey the orders - for now. We needed to survive whatever it was they were going to throw at us before we would be safe enough to turn on one another. We all knew this.

Three of us went to secure the perimeter. As we walked out; me, a black woman and a pretty redhead, we heard the other three women talking about combining the communications equipment to get a better signal and radar for what was to be incoming soon. I thought about that as we got to the perimeter. This fence was to keep us in as much as it was to keep the 'others' out.

Why not combine our headgear and rig a signal to open the gate and escape? I thought. I turned and spoke to the other two women with me. They agreed. Here, we were trapped with the others - with friend and foe alike - to get us. We decided on a truce between us for as long as we could. Working quickly, we did exactly as we set out to do. We send a signal and opened the gate. Escaping through, we closed it behind us - for their and our protection.

Walking down the darkened road, we hitched a ride with a truck. It was weird, we all had a 'bad but right' feeling about this as we did it. [Flash to the three men in the truck - obviously bad guys - dirty and vulgar. One of them saying "Pull over. Pick them up! I'm in the mood for pussy!" The other two crudely agreed.] We got in the truck with the men. They drove us for a while then pulled over at a small house. Their intentions were clear. The other two women were afraid. "It's alright. We knew this was going to happen. It is payment for what is to come." I told them.

None of us understood my words but we all knew that they were correct. Instead of fighting, we let the men drag us off. The leader grabbed me. It was a rape. I know. I didn't see/feel it happen. I just know it happened. When it was done, the six of us reconvened. The three women half dressed and in a mess. Now was the time for things to happen. They were going to kill us. But, that wasn't right. It was time for us to kill them. The three of us took up weapons. I had a wrench. I hit my rapist a couple of times. He just laughed at me. But, he didn't attack. He was playing with me. I wasn't doing something right.

Then, I got the idea of grabbing him with the wrench. I grabbed part of his neck and he screamed in pain. I was suddenly strong. I threw him around, slamming him into walls. It felt good. "This is what we were supposed to do. It's part of the journey! The escape, the rape and now the murder!" I shouted to the other women. "We have to kill them to come into our powers." Then, each of us killed our assailants in a brutal fashion that included much gore. I killed my assailant by squeezing one side of his throat until the other side popped open, in a shower of blood, from the pressure.

Covered in blood, the three of us stood half naked in the firelight, feeling the power running through us. "We've completed the first level of the game." I told them. "Now, we go back and make sure we have no more competition." One of the women got the truck. I and the other slid in beside her. She turned the truck back towards the compound we came from. We silently sat there with blood on our faces and murder in our hearts. There was no emotion other than grim determination and the knowledge that, eventually, we would have to turn on each other.


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