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Yesterday, the day started out really awful. In tears kind of awful. But, ended really well. After work, a cuddle with my guy. Then, off to a good Japanese dinner and a short nap before ungracefully but successfully traversing a hill to watch the eclipse that started off unimpressive but ended up absolutely gorgeous. Finally, my guy treating me to Matrix Reloaded because I wasn't able to go during work. The movie was actually really good and far more cerebral than what I thought at first glance. It was also very pretty.

Also, last night, Pretty Sue proved to me just how much of a barrier between the vanity area and my bedroom wasn't one. Yes, I had a cat sleeping with me for half the night. The only problem being that she likes to sit right next to me and watch my face. So, when I open my eyes, I am greeted by luminescent gold eyes and lots of fluffy fur. The kittens are starting to get active, moving around their box and sort of walking. Soon, as zunger puts it, they will be 8 oz balls of furry destruction. I'm actually looking forward to that.

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