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Oh, dear...

fuckfuckfuck... it's really happening. I'm moving. I've been receiving relocation emails from MS all day today. I've set up my apartment packing days and when I want my car shipped up. Now, I've received my "final travel" email asking all sorts of questions on airfare, car rental and corporate housing. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and ready to panic even though I shouldn't. I've moved before. I know the drill. This one will be easy because of all of the MS perks... But, damn. I can't catch my breath. They want answers. I need to talk with Hans to collaborate on carpooling instead of flying and talk to my new QA manager on how much time I'm going to have around my move in order to do all of this stuff in. Details are swirling in my head. Need to get a PO box up there. Need to worry about a new driver's license and registering my car. Return my Fastrak, turn off my cellphone, give my apartment notice. Too many little things to lose track of. Panicking is not good. Need to calm down and plan. Checklists are my friends.

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