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Well, Sir Tomas is off to his new home and it turns out that I won't get Momma and babies until Tuesday - which gives me a little time to clean up from Sir Tom and air out the house. So, thanks for those who offered to look after the new fosters but it isn't needed. I can go away for the weekend without having to worry.

The D20 "Good" Supplement review is off to the editor. This one line sums up my thoughts on it: I got the sense that the entire supplement is not much more than AEG bringing an inside joke from fantasy to reality with the subtlety of a Game Master handing an 'over enthusiastic' player a Twinkie after they have shown him their character sheet.

Now, I'm off to do the Engel review. It's probably gonna be a real late night. Yeah, yeah. I shouldn't have put it off until the very last minute. I've done the same thing with my Abstract Thoughts entries, too. I have couple enteries written. I just haven't gone through the effort of coding them and uploading them, yet. Maybe tomorrow. *smile*

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