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*munt* Far too many weird, random thoughts today. Feeling better. Still a little tender. Wanting TLC.

Dammit. The people who "promised" to take Sir Marmalade called, apologized and said they couldn't take him after all. Grrr. I hate that. I didn't send him to showcase based on that promise. Now, I need to find him a new home. Anyone interested in a very mellow, affectionate, neutered orange male cat? All he wants is to be loved and near his human. Good with other cats, too. He's pretty quiet with his meeps, trills and breathy meows. Please let me know ASAP.

I have the urge to throw a girl's night out or girl's slumber party. Cyn? Phoebe? Johanna? Jeanne? Marianne? Anyone interested? I remember the last real slumber party I was at. britgeekgrrl threw it. It got raided by the guys, but we were ready for them with silly string. Heh. If I remember right, it took YEARS to get all of the silly string out of the carpet and off the ceiling.

My new QA manager is not requiring us to move to Seattle on any certain date. We can pick the date we want to move. I'm thinking the 3rd week of July. Leaving for Seattle as of July 19th... a Saturday. I've decided I'm going to drive my car up there. July 19th. Scary to have a concrete date in mind. I've decided I need to create my minimum wishlist and my ultimate wishlist for a condo. I'll do that over the next couple of days.

Word of the day thanks to Yony: Mezuzah.

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