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Very female, apparently...

Taken from kaidevis: How male or female is your brain? I appear to be FAR more empathetic than systemising. This, in and of itself, is not surprising. However, my very low score on systemising things is surprising. I often think I over analyse things. I guess not.

My Empathy Quotient is: 70
64-80 = You have a very high ability for understanding how other people feel and responding appropriately. You know how to treat people with care and sensitivity. On average, most women score about 47 and most men about 42.

My Systemising Quotient is: 20
20-39 = You have an average ability for analysing and exploring a system. Systemizing is the drive to analyse and explore a system, to extract underlying rules that govern the behavior of a system; and the drive to construct systems. On average, women score about 24 and men score about 30.

(PS: I'm feeling better today.)

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