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Meeping Toms...

Last night, I was in the mood for company. So, I called up unkyrich and AntiCil. We spent the evening talking about life, friends and my upcoming move. It seems that they might be willing to move up to Seattle, too, if one or both of them can get a job. I'm all over that. Rich! Get me your resume! It's been a long time since we sat and talked outside of a gaming context (Greg and David's housewarming party notwithstanding). It was a really good evening. The kind of down-to-earth evening I've needed for a while.

Sir Marmalade is now Sir Tomas Marmalade because Sir Tom and Tom are easier to say when half asleep. Yeah, yeah. I know. Real original. Things are going strangely, but mostly well with Tom. He really likes being around humans. I had shut him out of my bedroom for the night, but apparently, hadn't shut the door tight enough. An hour later, I woke up to Sir Tom's meeping and trilling as he asked to get on the bed with me. I was too tired to shoo him out.

Yeah, Tom doesn't meow. He meeps. Or trills. Or makes this weird indescribable noise. The meep is very cute but confusing. I can't tell what he wants. He wants to be close to me but he doesn't want me to touch him. He tolerates the occasional pat on the head but is very skittish. He came right up to my face, meeping and kneading the comforter but didn't seem to want anything else. Or, he did and I just couldn't figure out what.

I'm going to try to get some pictures of my handsome young man tonight.

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