November 6th, 2014

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Swiss Colony Catalog

I got a Swiss Colony catalog a couple days ago. Instead of throwing it out (like I do with 99% of catalogs at this time of the year), I kept it. Swiss Colony makes me nostalgic. My parents used to get me Swiss Colony for Christmas when I was in college and also out on my own for the first couple of years. I loved it. I really did. There’s something about those tiny cheeses and meats and petits fours that makes me smile. Maybe because I associate them with my family.

Last year, I gave Swiss Colony meats and cheeses to all of the family for Christmas. Between paleo eating, diabetics, no caffeine-alcohol, and gluten free eating, it was the easiest thing to do. Meat and cheese for everyone! I won’t do that again this year. I did it last it last year.

But, leafing through the catalog makes me smile.