January 30th, 2014


This is why I write...

Chris: :D Hey, Jennifer?
...You rock.

Jennifer: Awww. Thank you. I really, sincerely appreciate that.

Chris: I mean it.

Jennifer: What brought that on?

Chris: It took a couple of tries to kind of track down the right words... I think I've got it, now. Words get hard after a day at the store. :)

Jennifer: Ok.

Chris: Ordo Ludus, the gaming club that was born from the game store down at Carkeek Plaza, came up with a motto a few years ago. At first, it was something that looked and sounded neat. "Veritas Ex Ludus," however--in thinking about those random little scraps of latin thrown together, it grew into something.... more. It took on some meaning. There is a truth to be found through gaming. There is a purity, and importance in what we do. When a baby lion first learns to walk--it plays. When a baby gazelle first learn to walk? It also plays.

Jennifer: :)

Chris: It is through playing, through that safety and security of the activity of having fun that we find critical truths about our world and about ourselves. In gaming, we meet people. We build social skills, we learn about sportsmanship, hope, how to face loss and defeat with grace. We learn how to build relationships. I said all that to say this:

Jennifer: listens

Chris: You rock, because.... You're an exemplar. You are someone who opens worlds, opens possibilities. You give us--those of us within the fold, and those far without--a foundation, an anchor... A way and a place and a reason to imagine, to play, to.... let our minds wander and grow beyond the here and the now. You do it all with style and grace and in a way that's not jarring to the senses. You bring us there. Make it real.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Chris: :)

Jennifer: I try so hard to tell good stories. That means so much to me. I think that's a great thought to go to bed on. Thank you.

Chris: You're most welcome. :) I'm going to go get acquainted with my pillow.