April 3rd, 2013

Field Trips 98021


Jeff and I just got back from a week's travel to Sweden. It was a good time but we noticed something interesting. Because of travel, Jeff dropped his gluten-free eating restriction. Mostly for those times when everything served had wheat in it. He didn't abuse this. If there was a gluten-free option, he took it. However, he did end up eating wheat an average of once a day.

His asthma has come back.

Seriously, not hearing him cough at all for almost a year has turned into a steady stream of slight asthmatic coughing. If he needed proof that he shouldn't eat wheat (he didn't), this is empirical fact. So, now we're doing a five day juice cleansing. Mostly to get to clear out his system and to reset our taste buds. It's easier if we both juice at the same time.

Interestingly, though, he didn't lose or gain any weight on the trip. I lost about five pounds but chalk that up to Gothenburg being made of nothing but hills and stairs.