May 8th, 2012

Evocatively me

Sometimes, Everything is Okay

Before I start this little story—everything is fine. I’m fine. For a bit there, I wasn’t sure but now it is official and all.

Right, back to the beginning. Back in October, I had my first mammogram. Ow. It sucked AND they found an anomaly. It was only 2.8 millimeters across and they weren’t really sure what it was but I had to come back in about six months to get it rechecked.

Yes, I know it is May and that makes it eight months. I can’t help it if I don’t like doctors and the thought of having “something bad” found made me even more gun shy. But two reminder letters later and here I am.

This time, it was only one breast and it still sucked. But this time I really know why. I got to see how much pressure they were putting on my delicate bit. For the two views I saw the pressure per square inch. It was 286.1 pounds on the angle and 436.2 pounds not on an angle. Let me tell you that’s a lot of pressure.

In any case, the blip was bigger. 3.6 millimeters. And big enough to see if it was just a fluid filled cyst... or the big C word.

Having had friends die from cancer, I can tell you I had my private freak out last night. Today, I was just waiting for the shoe to drop or to not drop.

This time, fluid filled cyst for the win. Sometimes, everything is okay.