November 16th, 2011

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On Keeping Quiet

Okay. So, earlier today I twittered (which also went to Facebook and Google+) the following:

Good news: I don't have Barretts disease (throat cancer). Bad news: I do have a hiatal hernia. Still counting this one as a win.

Since then I've gotten some concerned and irritated email about it.

First, I am sorry I upset some people with this.

The truth is, it is the first time everyone is hearing about this. Except for my husband. This includes the rest of my immediate family. Yes, mom had a few follow up questions. I will tell you basically what I told her:

For about two weeks, I have been waiting for an outpatient procedure called an endoscopy to determine if Barretts was the cause of my sudden worsening of my reflux. I had the choice of telling the world and letting everyone who cared for me worry for two weeks. Or not telling anyone until I knew for sure.

I chose the latter and spent my emotional energy on me and my husband. Better that only me and the husband freaked out for two weeks than everyone I knew.

That procedure was done today. I knew today that I did not have cancer.

As for the hiatal hernia, that was a surprise. I will probably spend the next month talking with the doctors about this. I really don't know what I'm going to do next. Until I know all the options and such, I probably won't talk about it again.

But once I know what course of action I will take, I will let people know.

Thank you all for being concerned. I appreciate it.

I really am sorry.