November 14th, 2011

Writing Old School

Noveling, Part 2

Done writing (sorta), can talk.

The big, frantic writing for NaNoWriMo is done. 13 days for 51250 words. Now to let it stew and to get back to the rest of what I am working.

  • Battletech: this web series has taken much longer than I ever wanted to ramp up. But now I'm moving back into big time.

  • Comic Scripting: I am turning my newly publish weird west story, "The Man, the Priest, the Gun," into a comic script to see how it goes.

  • Colonial Gothic: Popham: this postponed PDF setting is back on my radar. Probably will spend January working on it.

  • YA Series: I have an idea for a YA series that just might be really cool. I I have to do some research for the background mythology but I already have the basis idea for the first three books in the series.