September 19th, 2011


RIP Esme 2000-2011

Esme 2000-2011

It was my sad duty to say goodbye to my first cat, Esme, today. She came into my life 8 years ago an adult feral rescue who would bite without warning but desperately wanted love. She left me and Jeff as a spoiled rotten kitty who shared our meals, our bed and our hearts.

Her death was unexpected. She took a sudden downturn over one weekend, refusing food and water. As soon as I could, I got her to the vet. The prognosis was bad. The best thing I could do for her was to let her go.

I did have a chance at a last cuddle and she purred in my arms until the sedative took hold. It was clear she was tired and in pain and it was time.

I did my best by Esme and I hope she is chasing butterflies and shredding angel wings now.