July 27th, 2011

Field Trips 98021

Going to GenCon

If I am not at my table in Author's Avenue, I am in one of my Writer Symposium panels. Otherwise, you can text my phone or twitter @jenniferbrozek to get my attention.

August 4, Thursday
8am Reality in Fantasy ICC: 245

How much does armor really weigh? How fast can a horse run? How far can a longbow shoot? And why is it important to know these things? Make your writing feel “real” even when you’re penning a fantasy story. Believable fiction has a measure of fact. Our panelists show you how to add a dose of realism.
Bob Farnsworth, Dylan Birtolo, Jennifer Brozek, Marc Tassin, Steven Saus

9am Fantastic Females ICC: 245
Dynamic women should rule the pages of your manuscript . . . not the mousy types waiting to be tied to a railroad track. Our columnists discuss how to avoid weak cliques and macho stereotypes, and how to craft strong, interesting ladies that advance your story.
Bob Farnsworth, Dylan Birtolo, Jennifer Brozek, Jerry Gordon, Paul Genesse

August 5, Friday
9am Big on the Small Press ICC: 245

Writers can find big opportunities to break into publishing through the small press. Learn where to go, and what it takes, to make it big in small press. Our panelists include small press publishers, editors, and writers.
Jason Sizemore, Jennifer Brozek, Jerry Gordon, Stephen Sullivan, W. H. Horner

6pm – ENnies Ceremory, Ballroom 500

August 6, Saturday
10-11, 4-5—Signing at Savage Mojo Booth, #1741.

August 7, Sunday
8am Care and Feeding of Your Editor ICC: 245

You’ve got the acceptance letter, now what? How do you keep your editor happy and asking for future manuscripts? What can you do to make their life easier, your writing more attractive to them . . . and what can you expect from them in return?
Gregory Wilson, Jean Rabe, Jennifer Brozek, Maurice Broaddus

9am Gender Bending—men writing women and vice versa ICC: 245
Back because it was so successful last year! How can a man write a female character . . . and do it well? Can a woman get in the head of a male protagonist . . . and make that character believable?
Donald Bingle, Jennifer Brozek, Maurice Broaddus, Paul Genesse