July 24th, 2011


Conversations with the Husband

"You know, at this point, I'm kinda glad they don't card me anymore here."

"Well, you know, it's your perm. No twenty-one year old would have a perm."

Me: look of disbelief

Audience: face palm

"Uh… No twenty-one year old would look as good as you do with a perm?"

"Just stop."

"Just stop?"

"You're not helping yourself."

"Ok… Hi!"


"I love you."

"I love you, too."

*Break in conversation, followed by awkward small talk*

"I mean, no twenty-one year old would have the money for a perm and therefore you must, you know… Oh, but you were telling me how you used to have perms all the time in college and that was when you were twenty-one and I've just invalidated my… damn."

"Yep. Face it, you messed up."

"Yes, I did. I messed up."

"And I'm totally turning this into a 'Conversations with the Husband' LJ post."

"Really? Ok."

"So, all is well."


"And I got a post out of it."

"Yep. And I really do like your hair."

"Thank you honey."