June 21st, 2011

Gamer Dice

Want to support the ENnies—and see Kenneth Hite in a tie?

And Lo, it came to pass one late Monday night in the badlands of Twitter...

Kenneth Hite: RT @jefftidball If we are auctioned for more than Monte Cook, I will grow a mustache and the winner may take it home. http://t.co/cKmeMkX

Kenneth Hite: Please o please Internet make that happen.

Jennifer Brozek: @kennethhite I might just have to bid on them just to make you happy. :)

Kenneth Hite: @jenniferbrozek And it would make me so very happy.

Jennifer Brozek: @kennethhite Heh. What would YOU give me if I did?

Kenneth Hite: @jenniferbrozek If they beat Monte, and you helped, I'll wear a tie to the ENnies.

Jennifer Brozek: @kennethhite I do believe, Sir Hite, that we have a challenge.

Jennifer Brozek: Want to see @kennethhite wear a tie for the ENnies? I'm accepting donations to win @wordwill & @jefftidball as my ENnies date. #rgp #gencon

Jeff Tidball and Will Hindmarch of Gameplaywright are hoping to go for a bigger bid as an ENnies Dream Date than Monte Cook.

Ken says it would make him happy enough if they went for more, he'd wear a tie.

Friends, help make this happen. Contribute to the Jennifer Brozek "Make Ken Wear a Tie at The ENnies" fund. All contributions will fuel bids on the Tidball/Hindmarch ENnies Dream Date. And to put us all one step closer to seeing Ken Hite in a tie at GenCon Indy 2011.

Support the ENnies.

Support ties.

Give to the Fund.

Paypal: gaaneden@gmail.com and use "Mustache" in the subject.

Car Broken Into

Well it finally happened. My car was broken into. Jeff and I went to the symphony and this is what we returned to. Yes, we were in a parking garage. Yes, it has security. No, we weren't the only ones damaged. No, the bastards weren't caught.

Collapse )

I'm fine physically. I wasn't there when it happened. Emotionally, I'm all over the map. Anger is the main feeling. With moments of wanting to cry. Disgust, too. While I am grateful--so very grateful--that nothing was stolen, I can't decide what I'm more offended by: the ineptness of the thieves (my PURSE was in the car in the trunk area) or the maliciousness of wanton destruction.

I'm lucky. Nothing else was damaged. Nothing was stolen. Jeff is dealing with the cops now (they called) and he'll deal with the insurance, too.

Still, I'm really upset about this.