April 25th, 2011

Field Trips 98021


Norwescon was really good for me. We had excellent sales at the Apex table. I made it to all my panels and spent a lot of time with friends. I don't currently have the con-crud but I am exhausted. I was not as careful as I should have been on keeping up with eating. Especially on Sunday. I had too little sleep and too much caffeine. By the time I realized I had messed up, I almost fainted. Then, when I went into the hotel restaurant for their poached eggs and corn beef hash, I almost burst into tears because it was after breakfast and I did not have the coherency to make another choice.

Note to self: Remember to bring protein bars to conventions.

The parties at the convention were a good place to catch up with people I only see at cons and to meet new people but I spent a lot more time at barcon this year because it was smaller and quieter in the grand scheme of things. Talked a lot, gave advice as requested and had some good industry talk with other people.

In particular, I had an excellent talk with Jay Lake, who, despite some of the heavy things on his mind, was still very willing to give of himself, offer his advice and to talk about a forthcoming cool thing that he and I will be working on. I sincerely appreciate is blunt opinions, experience and offer of help.

As productivity goes, I got nothing done at the con. No writing or reading. I don't feel as guilty about this as I probably should but that's OK. I will be focused going forward.

Shout out recommendation – Square is invaluable for the small business person. We made more than 50% of our sales because we could accept credit cards.