April 16th, 2011

Gamer Dice

The Table

There comes a time in a couple's life when they look at something expensive, look at their budget, look at each other and then say, "We'll take it." This is usually reserved for something like a new car, a 10 day Mediterranean cruise for two or a new backyard pool.

For us, it is The Table.

The Table is our gift to each other for our third wedding anniversary. The Table costs as much as a really nice vacation, and The Table will be worth every penny.

You see, The Table is a Geek Chic table. A custom built Vizier style gaming table of heirloom quality and all the bells and whistles we could want in a table designed for our favorite hobby: gaming. This includes RPG pen and paper games as well as board games.

Yes, the Geek is strong in our marriage.

Yes, there will be a gaming party to celebrate The Table when it arrives.

I'm quite pleased with this purchase even if it makes my wallet wince a bit.

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