April 11th, 2011

BTiLC Are you insane

Interesting Personality Test

The Piercely/Redford Dissociative Affect Diganotic personality test via strixluna.

I got this result:

Quiet and very self-assured, you tend to keep your own council. Pragmatic and practical to a fault, you are not one to worry about the finer points of philosophical discourse. In fact, because you are very much an individualist, you often finds yourself at odds with the established truth or the wishes of the majority. You will often earn the wrath of an employer by taking upon yourself decisions which are rightly those of your manager. You are not one to take credit unless it is deserved. Similarly however, you will also not happily give credit where it is not due. In a romantic relationship you can be very frustrating. While you do care deeply and sincerely, and are willing to work at a relationship, your confidence in your own abilities can on occasion make it difficult to see the world from a partner’s point of view. Quiet and stoic at times, you can drive a more emotional individual completely up the wall. You can become overstressed and fatigued without knowing it. Taking time to rest between bouts of hard work can help to prevent a breakdown later on.

Seems pretty accurate to me except about not being able to see the world from another POV. Interesting but, wow, that was a weird test.
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Norwescon Schedule

This is my Norwescon Schedule. If I am not at one of these places, I will be in the Dealers Room at the Apex Publications table...or a party. Come by and say hello!

Friday 4pm Cascade 4 New Shared World Anthologies
Where are they headed? What makes them good? What are the pitfalls? Are they headed in a new direction? Is this an old idea being addressed in a new way? What are examples? Do they have staying power? Is it difficult for writers to maintain an internally consistent continuity and to avoid contradicting details in earlier works?
Mary Robinette Kowal, Jennifer Brozek, Nathan Crowder, Jay Lake, Jordan Lapp

Friday 8pm Cascade 4 Scary Comics
Everyone is familiar with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, but what other horror comics are out there?
Mark Rahner, Steve Holetz, Jennifer Brozek

Saturday 11am Cascade 5&6 Good Markets for Short Fiction in 2011
In the universe of SF periodical publishing, the market for short fiction is constantly in flux, but we still have a fairly stable field in both print and electronic periodical media. We’ll try to list and discuss as many of the print and ezines specializing in science fiction and fantasy as we can.
Lou Anders, Jordan Lapp, Jennifer Brozek

Saturday 1pm Evergreen 3&4 Women in the Gaming Industry
Our all-female panel of gaming professionals discusses the growing presence/awareness of women playing and designing games, and the struggle with working in the industry. If you are a woman interested in working in this industry, our panelists want to encourage you!
Donna Prior, Julie Haehn, Liz Courts, Jennifer Brozek

Saturday 10pm Cascade 9 Putting the “R” in RPG
Not a 13-year old gamer anymore? Wanting your games to have that adult themed content? Our panelists will discuss how to successfully incorporate the R-rated elements of sex and/or violence into your game or campaign. MATURE CONTENT
Ogre Whiteside, Jennifer Brozek, Mickey Schulz, SatyrPhil Brucato

Sunday 11am Cascade 8 Which Point of View Serves Your Story Best?
Any story can be told from any point of view: How do you find the best one for yours? What gains and losses come with first person, with limited third person, with multiple third, with multiple first?
Jay Lake, Susan R. Matthews, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jennifer Brozek, Sandra Damiana Buskirk