March 15th, 2011


The Edge of Propinquity - Issue 63

Issue 63: March 2011

Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Welcome to Issue 63 of the Edge of Propinquity. As the winter lets go and the wild weather of March springs forth, we have a dance-off with a God, the loss of memory, the death of a demon, the realization of danger and a visit from someone special.

Credencium - Ashes - by Kaolin Fire AKA kaolinfire
Flotsam - Local Hero - by Peter M. Ball AKA petermball
Idolwood - Craft - by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
The Ones Who Call - Coyote Dancing - By Alina Pete
Guest Story - Underside Walk - By Hilary Koepenick

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Jennifer Brozek
Editor, The Edge of Propinquity