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Ha! I did it.

In my never ending quest to quit being so darned timid about trying new things (thanks to a discussion with unkyrich some time ago), as I was driving from my appointment in Livermore, I realized that if I went the way I was thinking of going to get to work (680-880-Dumbarton-101) it would take me a good 75-90 minutes. However, if I took 237 to 101, I could make it to work in half the time.

One problem. I didn't really know the way using 237. I would have to guess and figure it out along the way. 1-2 years ago, I would have immediately discarded that idea and stuck to what I knew. This time, simply because I was hesitant, I decided I -had- to figure out the way to work using 237. Period. It was a 'moral imperative.'

Much to my surprise, it was a lot easier than expected. I probably didn't need to take 101N and I probably should have taken the Middlefield road exit... However, I also needed to stop for lunch and that was closer to the 101 route. Next time, though... we'll see where Middlefield goes. In any case, I made it to Mountian View in about 40 minutes. Quite a bit better than the 75 to 90 minutes projected for the other route.

So, I'm freshly waxed, with a new hair do and feeling accomplished. But, I come in and read the LJs of my friends and I'm back to worrying about some of them again. It's a failing of mine. I want to solve everyone's problems. I don't want them to hurt, ever. Yet, at the same time, I know that they don't want to be dependant on anyone and want to solve their own problems, thankyouverymuch!

Now, all I can do is just sorta be there for them, if they want me there. Uncertainity is a bitch. I'm sure my imagination is worse than reality. Well, almost sure.

I think I'll stop thinking about this and go play with Cathena and Eric. Let's see what fun difficulties baronlaw has done to them this time.

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