August 15th, 2010


The Edge of Propinquity - Issue 56

Issue 56: August 2010

Welcome to the Edge of Propinquity. Issue 56 is now published. In the heat of summer, tempers flare. This month, we have unexpected information, preparations for an attack, the return of the past, an unwelcome new duty and the shepherding of innocents through dark corridors.

Four Visitors - Trinity, Part Two - by Rick Silva AKA shaharazad
Solstice - Summer, Part Five - by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
Mnemosyne - Are You Going to Scarborough Fair? - by Nick Bergeron
Sparrow Hill Road - Dead Man's Curve - by Seanan McGuire AKA seanan_mcguire
Guest Author - The Last Call by R. A. Keenan

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Jennifer Brozek
Editor, The Edge of Propinquity